K9 Training 856-563-6909

Long Distance Stay 856-563-6909

Long Distance Stay 856-563-6909

A 21 Day Obedience Board Training  Expires 06/16/2024 Special

A 21 Day Obedience Board Training Expires 06/16/2024 Special

K9 Board Trainings 

Board Training Program 856-563-6909

Board Training Program 856-563-6909

We offer affordable Dog and Puppy Training big and small We train them all from 8 weeks of age minimum up to adult K9’s All Breeds Rare family working herding etc Toy standard medium large & Giant Verbal praise with a pat on the side No” food rewards! 

Call 856-563-6909. We service the following areas, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland and surrounding areas

Our main training program is our obedience board training that includes obedience commands on and off leash, board - training with private lessons, included, go potty outdoors, problem-solving, socialization, training under distractions obedience, commands, such as heel to walk with you sit stay come lay down, go place return back to the crate until called to come English sign language, or German commands. No food Or Toy rewards for more information contact us

We send videos updates to our customers during the board training to show you the progress your canine is doing in our program. The videos are also to show you how to handle your canine for when you come to your private lesson you will be familiar with our training method, etc.. 

After We Receive Your K9 Shot Rrecords Your K9 Will Be Scheduled For The Evaluation & Training All K9’s are Evaluated For Temperament And Personality & Aggression The Obedience Evaluation Fee is $50 per K9 Trained Evaluations Are Held On the Day For Your K9 To Begin Training We do Not pick up or deliver K9’s 

All Appointments , Drop Offs , Pickups , Evaluations Etc Are Scheduled From 8 AM To 1-PM. All Puppies need Parvovirus booster shot:DAPP Or DHPP Or DHLPP Or Etc Adult Dogs need to be current on All” vaccines including heart worms preventative kennel cough and rabies vaccines Etc .

                                                                                          Please Send us a copy of your K9 veterinarian records before your k9 will be scheduled for The Evaluation Text Or Email us” Vaccine record Must “ indicate Veterinarian LetterHead Customer’s Information K9 Information We do Not “ require your K9 to be spay or neuter To participate in our Program

We are located 20 minutes from NJ We are open 7-days a week including all holidays by appointment only certified since 1979 K9’s will live with a trainer until he or she has completed the Program All K9s are housed indoors & Socialized during the day time with people and other K9’s Due to Insurance Purposes All training & Lessons are done indoors 

After you take your K9 home from the program you will need to handle your K9 as instructed for the first week 30 minutes per day for your k9 to respond to you as the handler on and off the leash We ask customers to please send us some videos to make sure your handling your k9 the correct way

All customers need to provide dog food for your K9 entire stay your K9 will need a nylon adjustable collar entering our property plus a 6 foot leash We train all K9s verbal praise with a pat on the side No food rewards No pinch collars No clicker Training No harsh training methods

Our lifetime guarantee if the training takes any longer than specified time frame to train your k9 we continue the training at no extra cost to you until your K9 completes the program We do Not” Re-Board Train Customers K9s after your k9 leaves our program your K9 is finished the program

We do not offer refunds our price & terms are firm Please do not change our training method if you’re having any issues after you take your canine home from the program call us we offer unlimited free, private handling lessons at our location or you can FaceTime us ask for details 

After we receive your canine shot records, text or email us a picture a couple videos of your canine personality and a list of the issues that you’re having and After” we have established that you are serious in hiring us. We will send you our satisfied customer review videos 

Train Them Don’t Blame Them !

If your K9 is skittish, acts afraid of humans or other dogs, and or from a puppy mill show signs of submissive behavior, submissive urination ask about our building canine confidence. Program Our obedience alone will never correct a skittish/ timid dog 

If your K9 shows aggressive behavior towards people or other dogs, food, aggression, article aggression, ask about controlled aggression training program that is the Only” program that we allow aggressive dogs in 

Our obedience board training is for sociable, dogs and puppies that have a current vaccine record from your veterinarian. That pass our Evaluation We do not allow any dog that shows aggressive / Timid / Skittish behavior in our obedience program

We do not use any type of food or toy rewards and or any harsh training methods. No clicker training. All of our training is offered verbal praise with a pat on the side a healthy canine is a happy canine, so please keep your dog or puppy current on vaccines thank you.  

Contact us you can call or text us or you can email us please check your spam folder for a response and or if you text message us and do not receive a response. Please call us and or leave a voicemail. Thank you

Building K9 Confidence Board Training

Building K9 Confidence Board Training

Joe- 1975

Joe- 1975


Do we offer references? Yes, we offer video references to provide to our customers some of the K9’s that we have trained in the past with customer reviews

What is our training method? We train all canines with verbal praise and a pat on the side we do not use Food rewards clicker, training, or any harsh training methods positive reinforcement only 

What is our hours of operation? We are open seven days a week by appointment only including all holidays 

How long have we been in business? We’ve been in business since 1979

Do we offer a guarantee? Yes, we offer a lifetime guarantee for the training commands for as long as you own your k9

Do we offer free phone consultation? Yes, we offer free phone consultation versus some individuals charge for their time

Do we provide proof that said canine has been trained in our program? Yes, we provide video updates during the training with private handling lessons during & after your k9 has completed our Program to show our customers how to handle your k9 correctly 

Controlled Aggression Board Training Program

Controlled Aggression Board Training Program

No More Out Of Control K9

No More Out Of Control K9

We Control All Breeds 856-563-6909

We Control All Breeds 856-563-6909