Building K9 Confidence 

30 Day Board Training 

Advance Program
Advance Program

This is our advanced training program this program is for K9’s that are skittish or timid or act afraid of people or other dogs and or from puppy mills shows signs of abuse

This is A 30 day board training program to build K9  confidence with distractions placed through stressful situations to build a more sociable K9 a more relaxed K9 

If your canine shows aggression your canine will need to be placed in our controlled aggression training program that is the only program that we allow any canine that shows aggression towards humans other dogs or Food or article aggression

The program includes obedience on and off leash verbal and hand signals advanced training problem-solving potty training house manners solving behavioral issues controlling timid behavior socialization with people other dogs stressful situations

K9s are trained to heel to walk on your left hand side sit stay come lay down on and off leash verbal and hand signals Place return back to the crate until called to come

Problem solving we work on issues such as excessive barking chewing whining jumping digging holes potty training to use the bathroom outdoors socialization distractions and jumping on you or others also includes destructive behavior

Video updates are text to your phone Daily to show you the progress your k9 is doing in the program when you receive your off leash videos is when we will schedule for you to come out and participate in a private handling lesson To show you how to handle your canine

After you take your canine home from the program we will ask you to handle your K9 as instructed for the first 10 days for your canine to respond to you as the handler

Verbal praise with a pat on the side no food rewards no cutting corners no harsh training methods

Total cost of this program is $2,500.00 . At $1750.00 Deposit Pay the balance of $750.00 Upon pick up if the training take any longer than 30 days to train your canine you pay no additional monies we will continue the board and training until your canine has successfully completed the program

Evaluation fee is $75. we evaluate all K9s entering this training program any K9 that shows aggressive behavior will not be accepted in this program View controlled aggression tab above at the top of the website visit the program offer

All customers are to provide enough dog food for your canine entire stay we will ask you to provide a 6 foot leash a nylon adjustable collar is to be on your canine entering our property We may ask you to provide a cage for your canine sleep in if we do not have one available we will also ask you to provide a nylon muzzle for your canine to place your K9 through stressful situation 

If you’re interested in enrolling your canine for this training program please text message us a copy of your canine shot records with a couple of personality videos and a picture of your canine Or you can call us 

Our lifetime guarantee if you have any issues after you take your canine home from the program and after you have handled your canine for the first 10-days at one hour per day if you’re still having issues call us we can schedule you a free private lesson at our location or you can FaceTime us The guarantee includes if it takes any longer than 30 days to train your canine you pay no additional money we continue the board and training until your k9 successfully completes the program

We do not reboard train customers canine after your dog or puppy leaves the program your canine is finished the program it will be up to you to continue to handle your canine as instructed for your canine to respond to you as the handler

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No Food Rewards 👎
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